I’ve been asked quite a few times lately what do I do. What do you answer when you meet someone new and they ask you what do you do? I start by saying I’m a designer, sometimes this is enough, but most of the times I get, but what do you actually do.

It got me thinking. Maybe I should try and post an update every day of what I did. Some days it just feels like a ton of admin. Maybe it will help me recap and feel that I have accomplished something on that day.

On Friday 19 August I was asked to help out by creating some icons for an application we (the folks over at Wyzetalk) have built for Absa.

Time was limited, not much of a brief, just: We need icons. The three icons that was needed was called:

  1. Mobile Wallet
  2. Monday Motivation
  3. Winning Together

The ‘Mobile Wallet’ was almost completely done by my colleague, Anja, I just changed the $-sign on the icon to a R-sign. Anja also designed the ‘Winning Together’ icon.

The ‘Monday Motivation’ icon was a bit of a tricky one. I spend some time finding some inspiration on Noun Project and also by googling the term ‘inspiration icons’ and ‘motivation icons’ and looking at the images Google came up with. I ended up creating three options. The one I spend the most time on I decided not to send as it did not fit in with the style of the other icons. I created the icons in Adobe Illustrator. I saved the two options as png’s and then send it off for approval.

After the icons was approved I exported the icons from Adobe Illustrator as svg’s for the developers.

Winning Together

Monday Motivation

Mobile Wallet

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