After creating the wireframes on Wednesday and Thursday I started looking at some frameworks to create some prototypes of the wireframes. At first I wanted to go with what I know, Bootstrap, but then after some more research I decided to try out Semantic. I must say I am really impressed. After struggling a bit on my mac to install etc. and after a really wise person told me just download the zip folder (Wiaan was right!!) I got it working & I’ve started building the wireframes. I like the clean look of Semantic and how everything just works.

I did make a quick InVision prototype, but now I want it in HTML. No better way to show someone what your thinking is by actually building it.

After a few silly mistakes I think I have managed to figure it out now! It is still a work in progress! 🙂

Feel free to have a look:
*Please note that this link will be changing all the time, as this is a place where I test 😉

I found this really interesting article yesterday with links to free online UX courses:
7 Free Online UX Design Courses

Have a great weekend all! 🙂

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