I’ve not posted anything in a very long time, well almost seven months to be exact.

What has happened in seven months?

In September last year I was retrenched. I spend October working myself silly, for free! Now I will get to the title of this post… I was retrenched and looking for another, new opportunity. There was a few options, but one thing with all of the options, was they wanted me to do a test or at least show them that I am able to do what I say I can do. (*I do think this is a valid request.)

The one company asked me to do a complete brand manual, logo design, corporate colours, and also come up with a company name etc. They also wanted a website designed. They wanted this in a day… So there I went and spend the WHOLE day (24 hours) doing this… (Well as well as one could do in 24 hours with no sleep and tons of coffee…) The next company wanted a few screen designs, I was the last applicant they have seen & they wanted to make a decision the next day – so I had a night to do it – so another night spend working right through the night designing a few screens for a mobile application. The next company asked me to do the user journey for them, personas, a few wireframes as well as a few layout designs for them. They were not so unrealistic with their time limit & I had about 5 days.

All of this had me thinking, do people REALLY think us as designers just press a button and these things appear?

Two of the above mentioned companies did get back to me, but the one with the most work & the shortest time frame got back a few weeks later, or maybe it was a month & then they wanted some more designs, just to make sure that I can actually do the work… by now I was really wondering about them & decided they can wait for me a bit (I still need to answer them ;).

I really do wonder how other people experience the whole job hunt process & also how do you think people should go about this.

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