After seeing the remains of the Skelbo Castle I really wanted to see a real castle. Scotland is know for all their castles. In 2009 I saw the remains of the Urquhart Castle after doing the Loch Ness tour and this was quite amazing. The Loch Ness is so big and so wide it is unbelievable just how much water there is in Scotland.

I asked Gemma to take us to the Dunrobin Castle. It is a half an hours drive from where we were staying. You drive into this road filled with these really big trees. I felt like we were in some sort of fairytale. The trees must be quite old to be that big! The castle is so beautiful. I was not allowed to take pictures inside. Everytime we went into a new room my two year old nephew just said, “O WOW” and I think that is the best way to describe it, WOW!

The gardens are really amazing. Here are some photos.

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