We arrived here very late, or rather in the early hours of Friday the 7th of September. It was my nephew’s birthday on the 5th. Woke up early on Friday morning and went for a run / walk and took some pictures. This is such a beautiful place. Later in the afternoon I went for a drive with my brother. He had to go and pick up this BIG red machine (and he will be laughing at my naming of this BIG machine) and I had to drive in front of him with the hazards on. The roads here are soooo narrow, on some roads you cannot pass each other, you have to go to a passing point. So this was quite nerve wrecking…

Also adding some photos of Roux second birthday cake, he just loves the Pixar Cars movie! (Roux was convinced he can play with his cake… not at all interested in eating it! I do not blame him, it looks so real!)

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