Ever since I moved to Vredehoek I have had this idea in my head to find a route up the mountain, well actually to just run right from where I stay and not have to drive to Table Mountain Road. So on Thursday morning after some silly nightmare I woke up quite early and looked out the window & it seemed like a beautiful day, so I decided lets do this. Up the mountain I went & it was so worth it. I think I stay in one of the most beautiful countries in the whole wide world. 🙂


3 thoughts on “Going for a run on the mountain”

  1. I’m trying to work up the courage (& the fitness level) to start running. My sister lives in Vredehoek and I don’t even like walking up the hill from Garden Centre, let alone running up a mountain (eek!). Well done. x

    1. Aaa thank you so much! No man just do it! 🙂 Such a beautiful city we stay in and so many beautiful places to run. We go up Lionshead every Friday (or I try) you are welcome to come with! Have a lovely day! O and I love your website!

    2. Oe and the only way to start is to put your tekkies on & go! 😉 (I walk a LOT – it is so awesome 🙂 no need to start of running.)

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