When I went on my run to Dornoch I spoke to the owner of the Post Office and he suggested a new route for me to run. He was so nice he even photocopied a map for me and marked the route on the copy with a red pen. The funny thing the route looks like a frame of Africa?! (My imagination running away with me again… but decide for yourself, I am adding the map to this post.) He also said that I must ignore the Private Road sign, I must just remember to close any gates that was closed.

It felt like I was on this amazing adventure, like something out of a Famous Five book, it was so pretty! The one little cottage I ran past had a train track with a little mini train. The houses here do not have numbers, but names, like this cottage was called Sawmill Cottage. The view was amazing and I saw quite a few funny signs along the way as well. Close to the remains of the Skelbo Castle I went past Skelbo House, which looks like a castle by the way, which had a sign stating that you must beware of the crocodiles?! I did not see any crocodiles. I kept on running and then not much further I got to a sign which said that I must look out for the Kangoroos… The Scottish has quite a sense of humour! There are not much left of the castle. I walked up to take a closer look. The castle, or what is left of it, is very overgrown with weeds and grass. There was a danger sign, but also a step (well it looked like a step), where you could climb over. I climbed over, but some plant stung my legs quite bad, it felt like my legs was on fire. So I climbed back and went back to the road.

Then I had quite a bit to run next to the beach. I spoke to this from Edinburgh visiting her mother in Embo. She has been to Africa a few times she used to be a teacher, she has since retired in Edinburgh. She said that I should go back in the evening to the *Loch Fleet and have a look at the seals playing. (*Loch Fleet is a sea loch on the east coast of Scotland, located between Golspie and Dornoch. It forms the estuary of the River Fleet, a small spate river that rises in the hills east of Lairg.) I did not get a chance to go back, but I did see some seals while I was running. While I was running on the beach I kept on seeing birds diving into the water to catch fish! Like really big fish, or that is what I thought… Have not seen any of that here at home.

I ran on the beach past a little town called Embo and then I got to Dornoch. I walked around the Royal Dornoch Golf Club, quite pretty, with some funny signage as well! I walked around Dornoch a little bit. Went to the Jail, which has been converted into a shop. Then I carried on running towards Badninish. I ended up getting a bit lost and did about 30km. It was quite an amazing run!

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