We arrived very late last night, or rather in the early morning hours, in Scotland. This morning I woke up and had one mission in mind and that was to go for a run with my camera.

My brother stays, sort of, in the middle of nowhere. Here is a google maps link to give you an idea.

Before I go I ask Gemma if it is safe to wonder off on my own and she says, yes just look out for the tractors. I thought this was sooo funny, but my brother says there are so many tractors around and they are super quiet and you will see in the photos below that the roads are so narrow that yes getting run over is very possible!






4 thoughts on “Look out for the tractors”

    1. Het net nou Dornoch toe gedraf, maar moes die deel op die A9, hoofweg, stap, want die pad is baie nou! Gaan môre n ander roete probeer! Sal vanaand nog fotos laai! Die mense is so vriendelik!

    1. Oe hello Wookie! We have beem having wonderful weather, I do not know what this rain is my brother normally tells me off… Have not seen it yet! Hehe

      It should stay away longer the rain, want to go run to a castle by the beach tommorrow!

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