One day in February 2009 I was looking at flights to London and I found some flights for R4000, return, which I thought was a very good price. We ended up paying R4500 return, but I still think that was a bargain! I have never been overseas before and my brother has been living in Scotland for a few years already. I have not seen my brother in two years. So I mentioned to my friend, Charline Wickens, that the flights are so cheap and why don’t we go. Charline said yes lets go. Both of us have never been overseas, so we were quite excited!

We found out that if we left South Africa before the first of March 2009 we can still go to the United Kingdom without needing a VISA. We bought tickets and were off in six days. We were quite lucky her sister, Lundi and her husband Juan, was staying in London at that moment, so they said we could stay with them.

On Wednesday 18 February we left for London with Emirates, via Dubai.

The flight to Dubai over Africa was quite bumpy, but the service was really nice.

Once we got to Dubai we were quite tired, we did not sleep much and they even made us take off our shoes when we went through security (we thought this was quite bizarre).

Lundi met us at Heathrow and we were so happy to see her! We travelled by train to where they stay.

We both took a little mascot with, I took a penguin and Charline took a giraffe, we took photos of them everywhere… and so the story of Mr Penguin began.

I have quite a lot of photos. Enjoy!

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