It is the 5th of March 2014 and it is the first blog post I am doing this year! Yikes!

I hope everyone has had a good year so far & that 2014 will be a year full of blessings!

I bought the March Idees / Ideas magazine. With the magazine there was five postcards. I have always loved to send postcards. Then I just had this idea…
I love to take photos & somehow most of the photos just get lost in cyberspace somewhere. I rarely have photos printed these days. So I have decided to start a photo-a-day-postcard project. I am going to make use of my own photos & design a postcard and then send it to someone. I hope this will make someone smile. These days all I receive in the post are bills or just plain spam. I think it would be nice to receive a postcard! 🙂

In the Ideas magazine I also read about this website called Postcrossing where you create yourself a profile & then request addresses to send postcards to.

I will be posting my first postcard tomorrow. Quite excited! If you would like to receive a postcard send me your postal address via the contact form on my website or leave it in the comments.

I will also be posting the postcards on my instagram profile.


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