On Thursday (4 December 2014) I was driving to work on the N2. It was quite early the morning. I was not at work on Wednesday, because I had the so-called 24-hour tummy bug. I left a bit later than the previous mornings, because I was still feeling a bit lousy after the whole tummy bug story & was not going to run the morning before work. Just before the Vanguard drive off-ramp a mini bus taxi came past me in the bus lane. I remember thinking how fast must this guy be going, because I was going just over 120km/h, the next moment I saw a tyre with a piece of axle attached to it rolling down the off-ramp. I slowed down wondering where it was coming from and trying to see if there was an accident on the off-ramp. The next moment everyone in front of me started to break. Then once I got to the other side of the off-ramp I saw the same taxi on three wheels – back left wheel missing, on the right hand side of the N2?! The taxi’s axle must have broken, the wheel with part of the axle shot past me and the Yaris behind me (without us even seeing it) up the off-ramp and missed us! The taxi just carried on on three wheels and came to a stop on the right hand side of the N2, without anyone getting hurt! I am so thankful for God’s grace & protection!

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