I’ve not added anything to my blog in a loooong time, it has been more than two years! WOW!

The past two years can be summed up in a few words, a whirlwind of work & more work… It is not necessarily bad, life gets busy.

Yesterday the doggies had to go for their annual check up at the vet. I’ve had a bit of the flu & I was not really feeling anything like getting up and going out, but it had to be done! I thought lets have some fun then.

Got to the vet and Milo started to bark like crazy at all the other dogs there (while wagging his tail), it is just something he does when he gets to the vet. Then three musketeers made some new friends while waiting to see the doctor. A puppy called Emma (a beautiful little beagle) and they all sniffed and played and had fun! The vet checked them out and they got their injections, deworming tablets and their Bravecto.

After the vet visit I decided the doggies was so brave they need a little walk at the beach. Off we went to walk at the beach. It was fun & such a lovely morning, so I thought lets drive to Lourensford Wine Estate – just one of the most beautiful places on earth and it is a doggie friendly estate so lets go!

I love to visit The Coffee Roasting Company, they are one of my favourite coffee shops & they have the best coffee! I ordered some coffee and sat down with the dogs, but they were more interested in sniffing and exploring this new place that they have not visited before. So I took a take away coffee and walked around the estate. There is this lovely water fountain, the dogs love it. Milo quickly figured out he can hold his mouth under the stream of water… haha!

We also made a new friend name Louis (a beautiful Jack Russell) they all played and ran in the fountain.

It was a really lovely morning & now all three dogs are snoring away!

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